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                Paishing 2023 Summer Workers' Games Successfully Ends

                ADDTIME:2023-06-06VIEW:926AUTHOR:Paishing Technology

                In order to enrich the spare time cultural life of employees, enhance their physical quality, cohesion and centripetal force, stimulate their enterprising spirit, and create an active atmosphere of unity, harmony and positive spirit of the company, under the careful planning and organization of Chongqing Paishing Labor Union, the 2023 Summer Workers' Games of "Unlimited Sports Paishing Spirit" will be held as scheduled from May to June. Paishing athletes will ignite sports passion and gain healthy physique in the games. They freely shed sweat, and their strength, faith, hard work, and struggle shine brightly in this sports meet.

                Due to factors such as weather and working hours in various departments, the sports meet lasted for a total of 2 weeks. More than 100 employees from the color printing business unit, die-cutting business unit, paper plastic business unit, electronic business unit, warehousing department, public sector and other departments signed up to participate in the competition, competing for team and individual rankings in tug of war, table tennis, and mini marathon projects.


                Bathed in the warm early summer sun and accompanied by the crisp whistle, the first event of the sports meet, the tug of war, was held at Paishing Square. The five participating teams composed of color printing, die-cutting, paper and plastic, electronics/warehousing, and the public sector have been carefully selected by the department, and each 'Hercules' has full confidence. The competition was filled with a tense and enthusiastic atmosphere, with team members from various departments leaning back and exerting all their strength, demonstrating astonishing perseverance and teamwork ability. After intense competition, the die-cutting business unit, the paper plastic business unit, and the electronics/warehousing department respectively won first, second, and third place.

                Tug of war competition, all departmental teams and cheerleaders are ready to go

                The competition is extremely intense, and everyone's strength cannot be underestimated

                The competition is about to begin, and everyone is still actively exchanging and summarizing their experiences

                Table Tennis Competition

                “Good shot! ”With waves of cheers, at the beginning of the table tennis match, each player showed their own skills and directly entered the" match mode ". The techniques of direct, horizontal, and dribbling were used by them to create perfect curves in the air, with agile movements and skilled techniques. After fierce competition, Yang Xiao from the Electronics Business Unit, Zhao Xiaoying from the Color Printing Quality Department, and Zhou Xiaoquan from the Die Cutting Business Unit respectively won first, second, and third place.

                In table tennis competitions, women are not inferior to men

                The intense competition caused a lot of onlookers from off duty employees

                Everyone is staring at table tennis

                Mini Marathon Race

                Long distance running hones extraordinary perseverance, while competing against extraordinary physical strength and endurance. A total of 15 people have signed up for the mini marathon event. The route starts from the office building and passes through the Longyao factory, die-cutting business unit, employee dormitory, No. 3 factory, No. 2 factory, and No. 1 factory, with a total of 5 laps. The total length of the route is about 5 kilometers, and it is a carefully planned factory route by the Paishing Labor Union. Accompanied by a signal, all the contestants bravely fought for the lead and walked briskly, while the colorful flags on the roadside were also blown by the accompanying airflow. The Paishing athletes ran on the factory track with vigorous steps and full of energy, enjoying the fun, strengthening their physique, and also tempering their willpower during the competition.

                After intense competition, Zhang Lei from the Color Printing Department won the first place in the men's group with a score of 23 ′ 14 ″. The second place was He Hongyuan from the Color Printing Department with a score of 23 ′ 24 ″. The third place was Hu Zhixiong from the Color Printing Department with a score of 23 ′ 40 ″; The women's group won first place with a score of 29'28 "by Huang Xinhua from the international business department, followed by Chen Youyu, the union chairman, with a score of 30'26", and third place was Liao Run from the color printing boutique department with a score of 34'10 ".

                With the order of the referee, the Paishing athletes rushed out

                Everyone quickly ran by the colorful flags, and they were swayed by the accompanying wind

                The colorful flags also spread out to welcome the arrival of the contestants

                Contestants ran past the office building

                Zhang Lei from the Color Printing Quality Department first broke through the finish line

                Huang Xinhua from the International Business Department Becomes First Place for Women

                Take a group photo with Paishing athletes as a souvenir

                In this sports meeting, the athletes of Paishing made every effort to "ping ping" with the momentum of pushing mountains and rivers, and led their dreams with perseverance, fully demonstrating the positive and never giving up spirit of Paishing. I believe everyone will also bring the spirit of teamwork and hard work in the sports meet to their future work and life, providing stronger momentum for the company's development.